Professor William A. Tiller Prof Emeritus, Stanford University, USA

I recommend this thoroughly researched book to all those enquiring into knowledge about life after death. Based on my 50 years personal experience with psycho-energetic phenomena....and humans manifesting same, their origin is not in space-time though they yield correlates that have space-time manifestations. Over these years, I have had dozens of interviews/sessions with mediums and sensitives, about a half dozen of these were truly remarkable, perceptive and correct in the details of their predictions except in the area of timing of events. It makes one think that they were communicating with beings existing in realms beyond space-time and had no significant experience with time. My working hypothesis is that the information derives from the hierarchy of spirit operating in the “unseen” realms and the best of that hierarchy would not refer to themselves as “God,” but would think of “God” as their “Source.” From my personal experiments with these non-space time realms, the physics is real and lawful but it follows rules quite different than those of our traditional space-time physics. Thus it is extremely easy to misinterpret such information when one follows only the rules of space-time physics.

Sonia Rinaldi
Sonia Rinaldi, Author, International Prize Winner & Director of the Advanced Research Institute on Instrumental Transcommunication, Brazil.

I was overwhelmed by the book due to the depth and scope of the research contained in it. This book is an encyclopaedic foundation stone providing vital knowledge that has been compiled painstakingly by the author. Due to the comprehensive nature of this book it makes life easier for serious students who want to know everything to do with mediumship throughout global history and the science indicating its authenticity.

Professor Archie E. Roy Former President of the Society for Psychical Research, UK

The author Dr J. Jones-Hunt, in her exhaustive survey of the literature concerning the world’s psychic sensitives, has gathered together and discussed the most reliable studies made of every type of sensitive…One of the consequences of such a comparative study is that it highlights the ‘family resemblances’ in the phenomena and their interpretations over the types of sensitives to be found around the world…I can thoroughly recommend this book as one of undoubted value to anyone who has an open mind…

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth W. Fenske
Former: Executive Director of the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International Inc.: Trustee of the Academy of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies
Inc: President & later Editor of the IANDS Journal, Vital Signs

I thoroughly endorse this excellent, original research and recommend it to all to read.

Michael Tymn, The Academy of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies, USA (

Although much of orthodox religion looks upon mediumship as the work of the devil, a strong case can be made that messages received through mediumship are the very foundation of organized religion. Jacqueline Jones-Hunt Ph.D makes that case, offering an abundance of evidence suggesting that what today is known as mediumship went by different names in earlier times.

Victor J. Zammit
Euro-Australian Attorney-at-Law Solicitor of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court (retired), psychical researcher, Australia.

Looks great! It is library material – the information is pure gold. It is really a lifetime reference book. Looking at mediumship in a historical context – is something that will be most helpful for me in my next book. This is a very important book. – This is a fascinating book on spirits and mediums. It is exciting and an astounding shock for many people as it turns the tables entirely on orthodoxy and shows the mediumistic traits and practices of
many eminent spiritual leaders…Early chapters deal with examples of mediumship from the ancient Shamans, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, 12th beyond.

Professor Rupert Sheldrake
Author: Telepathy, Psychic Pets & Other Powers of Animals, British Biochemist. Perrott-Warrwick Scholar & Director of Perrott-Warrick Project.

This is a remarkable and revolutionary book which sheds a new light on familiar religious traditions. It is comprehensive, thoroughly researched and very thought-provoking.

Dr Robin Foy Ph.D
Psychical Researcher and Spiritual Scientist (Including the Scole Experiment-Involved as a participant sitter & Investigator in the Scole Phenomena.)

A comprehensive and well thought out work, correlating historical and biblical events with modern-day mediumship. A must for the serious student of psychic research.

Diane Corcoran PhD
President of IANDS, International Association for Near Death Studies Inc, USA.

Jackie Jones Hunt has written an exciting and fascinating book by taking some bold steps in her discussions about Jesus as a shaman. Her research and journeys into world religions and the history of mystics leads her in places few have gone. She is suggesting new ways of looking at very old beliefs. I commend her explorations and look forward to seeing where this research will lead us.

Dr Anabela Cardosso
Author, Founder & Editor of the ITC Journal & Director of the ITC Journal ResearchCentre (Electronic Voice Phenomena), Spain.

Dr Jones-Hunt’s book leads us through a fascinating exploration of the main sources of ancient wisdom, from shamans to more recent mediumistic communications. It is comprehensive and highly informative. I particularly appreciated the emphasis put on the essential connection between the contents of the communications and their spiritual implications as well as the concern of the writer for highlighting in her work the inseparable and interdependent aspects of all manifestations of life. The chapter on Emanuel Swedenborg is particularly interesting and achieves the difficult task of presenting this colossal figure to a wider range of the public in an easy comprehensible way. This book is a valuable tool for all those who wish to reach a holistic view of the meaning of life.

Rev. Dr. Michael Stanley
Former Principal of the New Church College (Swedenborgian), Author of Emanuel Swedenborg: Eseential Readings

The author Dr J. Jones-Hunt, in her exhaustive survey of the literature reviews the mountainous evidence down the ages of personal inspiration and communication from a higher spiritual dimension coupled with its spiritually transformative consequences. It also highlights the tendency and practice of institutionalized religions to reject any experience of personal revelation apart from that which formed its own origin and basis. This book provides a valuable insight into the interrelatedness and cross-cultural nature of spiritual experiences of a higher dimension, both ancient and modern. I feel that the author’s extensive research offers a new perspective which could aid the growth of ecumenical and interfaith
relations so badly needed in today’s troubled climate

Eric Hatton
Honorary President of the Spiritualist National Union (Arthur Findlay College, Essex, UK), Minister of the SNU and the JV Trust Chairperson, UK

What I have read is exceedingly good and I am sure will be valued by all who read it…I wish you every success…and trust that your hard work will be rewarded by the appeal it will have amongst those who are discerning!

David Lorimer
Vice President of the Swedenborg Society, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, Author.

A comprehensive survey of the history of relations between the psychic and the spiritual drawing on a vast range of sources and culminating in an evaluation of the 18th scientist and seer Swedenborg.

Dr Bahadur Manji, PhD
Author of Flowers of Divine Knowledge and researcher in religious studies, Canada.

This is a most insightful book which offers extensive detailed research to prove that mediumship is an ancient and on-going phenomenon. It explores the relationship of medumship, spiritually orientated angelic-spirit communicators of the highest order throughout the ages and global spiritual philosophies. It powerfully enhances the reader’s understanding of humankind’s evolving religious – spiritual maturation which still has a long way to go with respect to how we treat each other, other animals and the planet.

Professor Abdul Hassam PhD., DSc., (hon)
Former Minister Plenipotentiary for the International States Parliament for Safety and Peace.

A valuable and original work and a major contribution to the understanding of the complex subject of mediumship. Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt’s excellent book is likely to become a foundational resource for all students of psychical research and spiritual studies. This is a wide-ranging and comprehensive work, which is valuable as a reference volume for students of psychical research and also of spiritual studies whatever their age and background. A very readable and thought-provoking book which helps the reader understand the “unseen realms” and how like attracts like in these invisible landscapes.

Simon Forsyth
Founder & Editor of The Psychic Times ~

This is an inspiring book that will enlighten all who have the good fortune to read it. Full of detail and fascinating subjects, Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt has surpassed herself in the fluid and absorbing manner in which she captures the reader’s attention. This book is a ‘must read’ for all those studying the paranormal and want to know more. I found it an enthralling read.

Robert Black
Editor For Living Traditions Magazine,

It is well written, exceptionally well-researched and offers extensive coverage of mediumship and related psychic phenomena from both a historical and scientific perspective. The first chapters are an impressive summary of the modern state of parapsychology…Dr Jones-Hunt takes us on a journey through history to decode evidence of mediumship, arguing that not only mediumship is authentic but could be the foundation stone of the religious experience…it is clearly condensed knowledge gained through many, many years of research and experience…It is a highly recommended volume and is one the only textbooks on mediumship that combines an academic and scientific worldview with an understanding of spiritualism….

Tricia Robertson

President of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research (2005/6-7). Former Secretary of the SSPR, DACE Tutor University of Glasgow. Co-author with Professor Archie E.

This book takes a giant leap towards synthesizing evidential aspects of psychical research with evidence, which would appear to indicate a spiritual dimension. As someone who has researched these matters in a logical manner for over 20 years I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone of an enquiring mind as almost compulsory reading.

Ann McCutcheon
Lecturer, medium & president of Langside Halls & Cambuslang Spiritualist Churches, Glasgow, UK.

This remarkable book presents a vast array of evidence for the survival of all living creatures after death and the incredible mediumship of the world’s prophets. The scope and depth of the research is encyclopedic and reflects the enormous amount of work that went into its compilation. I thoroughly recommend this excellent, stimulating, insightful and most certainly ‘inspired’ book.

Graham Jennings
Book Reviewer for Two Worlds Magazine (Founded by the famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1871)

“Proof Animals have Souls.” By Jackie Jones-Hunt, PhD. Paperback.
242 pages. £11.09, plus p and p of £1.65 UK, £2.75 Europe and £4.35 rest of the world. House of Light. AT
last we have a worthy companion to Spiritualist historian Arthur Findlay! In his epic “The Psychic Stream,” he demonstrated how the early Church abolished the exercise of all spiritual gifts, doctored the gospels and reduced Christianity to a religion of belief, ritual and dogma.

Mr Findlay also demonstrated how the biblical Yahweh was not God, but the guide of Moses. In “Moses and Jesus: The Shamans,” reviewed here in May, Jackie Jones-Hunt further described how Yahweh guided Moses and the early kings of Israel and spoke through the prophets.

In “Proof Animals have Souls" she tells how the Church ignored the vegetarian tradition of James and the
Jewish-Christians, and amended the Scriptures that supported it by deliberate mistranslation. "Proof Animals have Souls", she writes, is “extremely ancient, original and accurate Hebrew” for “animals are living souls.”

It is applied in Genesis to both animals and humans without distinction. The Orthodox Church, however, translated it as “living creatures,” thereby implying that animals do not have souls and can be lawfully killed. It is recorded in Genesis that God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb-yielding seed which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit – to
you it shall be for food.”

In the 7th and 8th centuries BC, the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hosea, Amos and Micah confirmed the necessity of a vegetarian diet and condemned animal sacrifice and meat-eating as murder. Jeremiah reminded the people that God had never ordered the sacrificial murder of animals. Isaiah added, “It is an abomination.”

Amos commented, “Though you offer me burnt-offerings and your meal-offerings I will not accept them.” However, such practices continued, although some Jews were vegetarian, as they are today.

The author has consulted the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Library, the Recognitions of Clement, the Clementine Homilies and the Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis for proof that Jesus and his family were vegetarians. His was no lifestyle choice, but the
raison d’être that became the cornerstone of his ministry.

Jesus’ volcanic anger at the moneychangers making the Temple “a den of thieves” was only part of the story. He afterwards released the animals penned for slaughter on the eve of the Passover, knowing it would cost him his earthly life.

By all accounts, the Temple of Solomon was a magnificent
edifice, but polluted by the sacrifices that were supposed to please God and absolve sin. To obtain absolution, money had to be changed into temple currency and the asking price paid for a sacrificial animal. The penitent was thus fleeced twice and the priests provided with free meat. After Jesus’ crucifixion, his brother James led the vegetarian Jewish-Christians in Jerusalem for 30 years. Kosher for them meant strict vegetarianism. Dining with flesh-eaters was forbidden. Meanwhile, Paul of Tarsus underwent his life-changing experience on the road to Damascus.

Far from seeking instruction from James and the other initiates, he appointed himself an apostle and concocted a brand of Christianity designed to appeal to meat-eating gentiles. Paul designated Jesus the Sacrificial Lamb. Converts could
therefore bless and eat their meat as though it were a continuation of divine service. By teaching vegetarianism, Jesus was certainly not alone in the ancient world. It had long been influenced by vegetarian masters. In China there were Confucius and Lao-tzu while in India the vegetarian Buddhists and Jains joined the already vegetarian Hindus.

In Greece, Pythagoras was vegetarian along with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Anaximander and Thales. This book is really a series of books in one well-referenced volume. It should definitely be on the shelf beside “The Psychic Stream.”

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