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As a lifelong medium, who for many years now, works on a televised interntional medium, I would like to add that on countless occasions I have seen and heard animals- spirit animals- who have survived death. I therefore wholeheartedly support Jackie Jones-Hunts serialised Proof Animal's Have Souls which offers evidence that all animals survive death and we should treat them with the utmost compassion.

Professor Judith Barad PhD.
Author of Aquinas on the Nature & Treatment of Animals.

"This engrossing serialized volume is a “must read” for all those who consider themselves religiously or spiritually inclined as it stimulates readers to reflect on our true relationship to the rest of sentient creation."

Diane Corcoran
President of International Assoc. of Near Death Studies Inc., (IANDS) USA.

Everybody loves their pets, and many people see their pets on the other side. This research is an important book and I believe it will be popular among NDER's and researchers. Thank you for this excellent contribution to the journey of our soul's literature.

Clarissa Baldwin OBE
Chief Executive of The Dogs' Trust

Being compassionate to animals should be a be a fundamental principle from which to to to order our lives. The Animals Souls series shows how the most spiritual strands of many of the world's spiritual teachings can bring this about.

Victor James Zammit
Psychical Researcher & Retired Attorney of the Supreme Court of New South Wales & the High Court of Australia
Author of A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife, Irrefutable Objective Evidence (

Pure Gold Again! I am delighted to wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt’s captivating research. Everyone should read it. It is important to continue to disseminate the ‘light’ on a global level - to balance the materialistic negative energy one comes across every day. I too, am concerned about animal welfare - the public has to be educated to the horrific animal cruelty which goes on in so many ways.

Rev. Dr. Elizabeth W. Fenske
Former: Executive Director of the Spiritual Frontiers
Fellowship International Inc.
Trustee of the Academy of Spirituality & Paranormal Studies Inc. President of the International Association for Near Death Studies
Editor of Vital Signs, the IANDS Journal,
University Dean & Supervisor for Postgraduate Research, USA.

I thoroughly endorse and recommend this insightful serialized research.

Michael E. Tymn
Vice-President of the Academy of Spirituality &
Paranormal Studies, USA
Author of The Articulate Dead & The Afterlife Revealed.

There have been a number of credible stories of people on their deathbed seeing their deceased pet companions waiting to greet them. This serialized research suggests an affinity with our pets that transcends physical death. In this intriguing work, Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD helps us incorporate the animal kingdom into our overall spiritual awareness.

Crawford Knox PhD (Oxford, UK)
Author of Changing Christian Paradigms &
Their Implications for Modern Thought, Brill.

This gripping and excellently researched volume split into a series will change lives. This thought-provoking research awakens us to the fact that many of the founders of religions and spiritual philosophies taught us to show compassion and to commit no harm to our animal relatives.
These pages note in view of the modern-day mass slaughter of animals, present-day ‘humanity’ has lost contact with such spiritual teachings, many of which have become lost, forgotten or distorted.
Raising awareness of the authentic, ancient, global spiritual teachings commanding us to show respect and compassion to all animals is enormously important in view of the modern-day plight of animals. Certainly, readers’ understanding of Jesus will be profoundly and irrevocably deepened.

Dr. Niranjan Rajyaguru
Author of 20 books, Spiritual Guru (Teacher) &
Managing Trustee of the Animal Welfare Sanctuary,
Anand Ashram, Gujurat, India.

“What is religion? Compassion for all things which have life.” (Hinduism, Upanishads.) Readers will be unable to put this life-changing series down, alerting us to the fact that all religions command us not to harm animals but to show them compassion. All animals are welcomed and cared for at my ashram in India.

Professor Nathalal Gohil
Author of 25 books on Spiritual Philosophy &
Mysticism, Gujurat, India.

“Ahimsa-paramo-dharmah” – “Non-injury to living beings is the highest religion (Jainism): Because he has pity on every living creature, therefore is a man called ‘holy.’” (Buddhism, Dhammapada). I am pleased to thoroughly recommend this truly inspired life-changing series of books.

Rev. Lyn Guest de Swarte
Former Editor of Psychic News,
Hydesville Magazine & Spiritual News
President of the New Spiritualists’ Society
Internationally renowned teaching medium and healer
Author of More Principles of Spiritualism.

This serialized research should be read and inwardly digested by all human beings who adhere to the various world religious belief-systems – and who also feel at liberty to still ignore the suffering of animal-kind in their own communities and further afield.

Sandra Smiley
Press Officer PETA, UK.
(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

We welcome any book that promotes compassion and respect for animals and shows people how to incorporate a philosophy of animal rights into their everyday lives.

Sonia Rinaldi, Brazil
Author of 8 books on ITC
(Research results clearly & irrefutably demonstrate visual and audible contact & communications with both human and non-human animals after death)
Winner of 3 European Awards for Research.

Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt’s latest excellent and highly informative Animal Souls serialization, is a “must read.”
I am Sonia Rinaldi, author of 8 books on Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC): the use of audios/voices and photography and videos proving that life continues after death for all animals, human and non-human.
Presently, in my laboratory, fascinating trans-contacts with dogs are occurring. The photographic and audio experiment results are currently evidencing trans-contacts with dogs proving beyond doubt that dogs (animals) do indeed have post death consciousness and intriguingly, they are able to communicate!
The non-human animal communications and photographs received through our apparatus, continues to astonish our dedicated research team.
Prior to these miraculous communications from dogs which also reveal their great sensitivity it was obvious to us that all animals deserve our love and support.
After these experiment results - after receiving these on-going after death communications from dogs- myself and my team are emphatic that we should respect all animals even more because these after death communications demonstrate that they have a soul, alternatively known as consciousness.
Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt’s fascinating present serialized research is a notable contribution awakening us to the fact that we humans, as their elder brothers and sisters, should demonstrate the utmost compassion and respect to them all!

Dr. Robin Foy
Author of Witnessing the Impossible –
The only true & complete report of every sitting of
The Scole Experimental Group, 1993-1998.
For Mediumship Advice See:

As a psychic, psychical researcher with 38 years intense involvement with physical mediumship and its phenomena, I know personally that life continues after physical death for all sentient beings (human and non-human animals).
Near death experiencers discuss their life reviews during which they felt the pains of another as if they were their own - these pains were inflicted on others as a result of their neglect or misdeeds during their earlier physical lifetime. Such knowledge should impinge on a person’s ever evolving spiritual unfoldment. Consequently, I support this interesting serialized research by Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD. which reminds us that we should demonstrate empathy and compassion to all animals during our own lifetimes.

Brough Perkins (USA)
International Televised Medium & Radio Host.

This fascinating research split into a series uncovers long forgotten teachings found in many world religions about humanities relationship with nature.
I have run a very busy practice as a Psychic & Medium now for over 10 years, and in all of the thousands of readings I have done, I have been bewildered and often times warmed in my heart to see that animals do in fact survive physical death and carry on in the Afterlife.
The sum of all of my experiences as a ‘medium’ so far, has led me to the conclusion that life is not defined by physicality. In fact, ‘life’ is defined by spirit. Whether that be their personality shining through or the brightness of consciousness; I know that my beloved pets are just as “alive” and as real as I am.
I love that Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD has yet again used her research to shine a spotlight on the long forgotten truths that our ‘animals’ are more than just background scenery in our world - they are our Divine Heritage. And as precious gifts we must cherish them and see to it that they have all of the rights to freedom and peace that we do.

Elizabeth Jane Farians PhD., Ohio, USA
Elizabeth Farians is listed in the Directory of American Scholars & Who’s Who of American Women. Actively involved in organizations including: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Vegan & Vegetarian Resource Groups, In Defense of Animals, Animals, People & Environment (APE)

This research represents an insightful look into the truth that animals deserve our compassion and respect at the same level as we give to our fellow human animals. Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD has put to paper so many wonderful descriptions of the complex emotions and interactions we have with all animals. I highly recommend this serialization and hope it is read far and wide as we could use so much more of the wisdom it contains!

Sarah-Jane Le Blanc
Author of Pet Whisperer

This fascinating serialized research not only raises awareness of the plight of our animals in the world today but also illustrates, through ancient spiritual and religious teachings, that animals have always held a reverend place within cultures throughout the world, throughout time.
Sadly, somewhere along the road we have lost sight of the fact that our animals are living sentient beings just like us, capable of feeling love, joy, pain, anxiety and fear.
This insightful book beautifully demonstrates that the idea of sharing a world respectfully with love and compassion for all living creatures isn’t anything new – but is a belief that is intrinsically embedded within many spiritual and religious traditions.

Joanne Hull
Author of The Pet Psychic & Puppy Tales

Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt’s understanding of the animal kingdom will make us all sit up and listen the animals need us all to find the truth within our hearts. This series is an essential read. Well done Jackie.

Gill Russell
Anti-Vivisectionist & Animal Welfarist, UK.

This interesting serialization brings a new, well-researched spiritual and religious dimension to animal welfare and environmental matters. I believe it is important to raise awareness of these vital concerns.

Melody Macdonald (Pemberton)
Author of Caught in the Act: (The Feldberg Expose, 1990)

This is a very worthwhile serialized volume which should be read in order to understand how important it is to show kindness, mercy and respect to animals and to remind people to be more compassionate to them. The human race seems to have neglected to show compassion to the Animal Kingdom for far too long, but now is the time to rectify this.

Mike Gavaghan
Wildlife Consultancy: Specializing in All Protected Species & Badgers.

It took me a year to walk from Britain to the Far East to study spiritual philosophy and martial arts for health and protection with the vegetarian Buddhist monks in their shaolin temple who kindly welcomed me.
I learned many things including that all animals live in harmony with nature, with the exception of the human animal who has divorced itself from its animal relatives and is speedily destroying our shared home, planet earth, which does not belong to us alone!
Spiritual philosophy teaches, when you take you must give back and the only species who takes and gives nothing back is the human animal which will have devastating consequences for all.
Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt’s enthralling, entrancing, highly informed and perceptive research is in harmony with such soul-touching, profoundly elevated compassionate spiritual teachings.
I cannot recommend Jackie’s extremely vital, insightful and powerful series of animal books more highly. The results of her captivating, fascinating and compelling research will change your life forever.

Gordon Rattray
Championship Show-Breed Specialist
Judge for the world famous Crufts
& Top UK Breeder, 2008-2011.

As a dog specialist for various breeds for over 40 years, championship show-breed specialist judge for the world famous Crufts (founded in 1891) and top UK breeder 2008-2011, I am extremely enthusiastic to thoroughly recommend Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt’s fascinating, thought-provoking serialized research.
Her investigations are both absorbing and enlightening, raising awareness of the ancient, typically vegetarian, compassionate, spiritual teachings regarding animals which lay at the foundations of world religions.
Jackie’s research reminds all of us human animals to treat all of our fellow, emotional, sentient, feeling, flesh and blood animals with the respect and compassion every one of these individuals rightly deserve.

Tony Ortzen
Editor of the Two Worlds Magazine (founded by the famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1887)& Former Editor Psychic News

Two Worlds as a monthly Spiritualist Magazine endorses compassion to animals and so wholeheartedly endorses this well-written serialized research.

David Dane
Vegan Landscape Artist, Norfolk, UK

It comes as no surprise to me to read in this astonishing ground-breaking serialized volume by Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD that all animals have souls. Every time I look into their eyes I see their souls. They may even have more advanced souls than us.

The Animal Padre, Rev James Thompson

Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt has excelled herself in this remarkable and generously sized serialized publication…Indeed, this writer is one who really knows her subject matter due to having academically specialized in other world Faiths and not just that of Western Christendom.
Yes, indeed, Jesus said:
‘‘Other sheep I have which are not of this fold and them also I must bring!’’ Well, such is the concept of the writer of this most helpful volume which conveys a love for all creation and also a most necessary emphasis on ourselves; our relationship with animals; and – most of all – our terrific responsibility to be caring guardians over them:
Yes, factors which ‘so called’ Christianity has failed to address for far too long! The gifted writer of this serialized research knows that our Good Shepherd ‘has the whole world in His hands’ and that His love embraces all animals and not just a group of self-interested humans concerned about their own salvation!
God grant all power to the pen of Dr. Jackie Jones-hunt whose books should be ‘top priority’ reading for Semenarians, Bible students, and animal loving folk of all Faiths!
Finally, one thing is sure: once you start reading this author’s books, you’ll have difficulty in putting them down. The fact is she not only appeals to the head but to the heart as well.

Elissa Rattigan
Animal Rights in Spiritualism

This serialized research will prove to be a valuable asset to our work, with its painstakingly researched information.
Through its contents, we now know that not only Jesus’ vegetarian teachings regarding animals were suppressed, but also those of Confucius, Pythagoras and other ancient, spiritual philosophers who brought a message so unambiguous that it is infuriating to recall no mention made of it in lessons on the subject during our school years.
Much more than a book, it appears to have been brought, at this time, as part of the Divine Plan.
A captivating and thought-provoking, work. Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD also provides, through her heart rendering account of her beloved dog, Edward’s life and death, remarkable evidence to skeptics that our animals not only communicate with us from the Spirit World but do so with the same love, understanding and intelligence as their human families.

Steve Hutchins

I wholeheartedly recommend this serialized volume to everyone who loves animals

The originator & healing breeder of the famous Ratpack Terriers of the International Breeding & Kennel Club Show Kennels ~ Nurturing Happy, Healthy & Contented Parson Russell Terriers in mind, body & spirit with 100% Temperament.

Rev. Karen Herrick PhD
Former President of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Author: You’re Not Finished Yet & Grandma, What Is A Soul?

I am not a vegetarian but support the goals of Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls Series research requesting more compassion for animals as it may help to make the world a better place.

Anne Puryear, D.D. Author of Stephen Lives! My Son Stephen, His Life, Suicide and Afterlife & Messages from God. Herbert Bruce Puryear, PhD. Author of The Edgar Cayce Primer, Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation & 5 other books on Edgar Cayce.

We find Jackie Jones-Hunt’s books fascinating. She has gathered marvellous quotes that really make you think. Her obvious love for and connection with the animal kingdom and souls of animals is a beautiful gift that we can all develop as she shares her insights with us. She is obviously right that animals have souls – when our beloved poodle Beethoven died we felt his precious soul leave his beloved little 15 year old body. He has also make is presence know s to us several times.

Anne Puryear, D.D. Author of Stephen Lives! My Son Stephen, His Life, Suicide and Afterlife & Messages from God. Herbert Bruce Puryear, PhD. Author of The Edgar Cayce Primer, Why Jesus Taught Reincarnation & 5 other books on Edgar Cayce.

We find Jackie Jones-Hunt’s books fascinating. She has gathered marvellous quotes that really make you think. Her obvious love for and connection with the animal kingdom and souls of animals is a beautiful gift that we can all develop as she shares her insights with us. She is obviously right that animals have souls – when our beloved poodle Beethoven died we felt his precious soul leave his beloved little 15 year old body. He has also make is presence know s to us several times.

Dr Crawford Knox
Author, Former Trustee and Hon Treasurer of the Alistair Hardy Research Centre (AHRC), Oxford, UK & former council member of the Society for Psychical Research
(SPR), London, UK.

This book should be read by anyone interested in the many facets of mediumship and, inparticular, in evidence for the survival of the dead.

Thomas Jones
Co-founder of

What particularly strikes me with this book is the sheer range of topics covered. Not only that, the author analyzes the evidence for ancient and modern cases of mediumship from an interesting perspective seldom covered. This is definitely an important addition to the existing literature on psychical research.

Susan Giesmann Medium & Author of Messages of Hope and Wolf’s Message.

One day my little dachshund Rudy stared at an unseen object over my left shoulder just after I had asked my guides in spirit to gather around me.
I silently said, “Whoever you are, please move to my right shoulder.” In perfect response, Rudy’s eyes followed an invisible slow-moving object from left shoulder to
right. It was a magical moment that I recall time after time to celebrate the knowledge that there is a greater reality. This and other experiences have proven to me that some animals, just like some people, are gifted with sight beyond the physical. Jackie’s books provide validation that the soul is eternal, whether human or animal.

Paul Biscop’s Review for the Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies for The Academy for Spiritual Consciousness Studies Inc.

In these…related volumes, Jackie Jones-Hunt makes a detailed and powerful call-to –arms in support of vegetarianism and the cessation of unnecessary animal suffering and death.
Using historical and biblical research, Jones-Hunt makes the argument that the great spiritual teachers of the past like Jesus and Buddha extolled the virtue of vegetarianism based on the concept of our connectedness as humans to all life.
She argues that, …divided into a series, Animal Souls offers a window into the past, delivering a clearer understanding of the vegetarian ways of the ancient world, molded by a wide variety of ethically advanced vegetarian religious traditions, prevalent many centuries before and after the ministry of Jesus…This serialized volume progressively transports the reader on a fascinating journey of discovery into a bygone age, astonishingly, laying bare the predominantly vegetarian ancient world, different to the animal-flesh eating lifestyle that dominated later.
In addition to biblical material and allusions, Jones-Hunt calls on ancient Greek philosophers for their support for vegetarianism as well. She further draws from biological and paleontological material to reinforce the assertion that, “All Creatures are Brothers, Sisters and Cousins”, all being mammals and sharing the same or similar anatomical and physiological structures. She claims that, “Many human beings are either unaware or have lost sight of the fact that humans are scientifically classified as mammals, animals and primates. This is perpetuated by the typical and deliberate coining of the phrase the ‘human being’ rather than ‘the human animal’…This callously indifferent mental construct perpetuates the endlessly untold suffering of our brothers, sisters and cousins throughout their tragic lives ending in hellish slaughterhouses.”
While citing natural sciences, biblical references and spiritual teachings of antiquity, Jones-Hunt also brings the reader into the realm of modern Spiritualist mediumship. She speaks of the survival of animal souls after physical death, as demonstrated by mediums for both animals and humans, including a case of strong mediumistic evidence for the survival of the soul of a favourite pet. Nonetheless, while there is a strong polemical element throughout her work, Jones-Hunt has done her research well, and presents a profound and provocative argument for re-thinking our long-established view of the relationship between animals and humans. Of course, as a cultural anthropologist I recognize not only the longstanding need of humans for complete protein, most easily furnished by animals and sea food, but also I recognize the entrenchment of views of animal/human relationships and dependencies. I’m also sure, however, that if animals could stand up and applaud, there would be a great noise of appreciation about the world for Jones-Hunt’s work.

Graham Jennings
Book Reviewer for Two Worlds Magazine (Founded by the famous medium Emma Hardinge Britten in 1871)

“Proof Animals have souls.” By Jackie Jones-Hunt, PhD. Paperback.
242 pages. £11.09, plus p and p of £1.65 UK, £2.75 Europe and £4.35 rest of the world. House of Light. AT last we have a worthy companion to Spiritualist historian Arthur Findlay! In his epic “The Psychic Stream,” he demonstrated how the early Church abolished the exercise of all spiritual gifts, doctored the gospels and reduced Christianity to a religion of belief, ritual and dogma.

Mr Findlay also demonstrated how the biblical Yahweh was not God, but the guide of Moses. In “Moses and Jesus: The Shamans,” reviewed here in May, Jackie Jones-Hunt further described how Yahweh guided Moses and the early kings of Israel and spoke through the prophets.

In “Proof Animals have Souls" she tells how the Church ignored the vegetarian tradition of James and the Jewish-Christians, and amended the Scriptures that supported it by deliberate mistranslation. "Proof Animals have Souls", she writes, is “extremely ancient, original and accurate Hebrew” for “animals are living souls.”

It is applied in Genesis to both animals and humans without distinction. The Orthodox Church, however, translated it as “living creatures,” thereby implying that animals do not have souls and can be lawfully killed. It is recorded in Genesis that God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb-yielding seed which is upon the face of the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit – to you it shall be for food.”

In the 7th and 8th centuries BC, the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah, Hosea, Amos and Micah confirmed the necessity of a vegetarian diet and condemned animal sacrifice and meat-eating as murder. Jeremiah reminded the people that God had never ordered the sacrificial murder of animals. Isaiah added, “It is an abomination.”

Amos commented, “Though you offer me burnt-offerings and your meal-offerings I will not accept them.” However, such practices continued, although some Jews were vegetarian, as they are today.

The author has consulted the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Nag Hammadi Library, the Recognitions of Clement, the Clementine Homilies and the Panarion of Epiphanius of Salamis for proof that Jesus and his family were vegetarians. His was no lifestyle choice, but the raison d’être that became the cornerstone of his ministry.

Jesus’ volcanic anger at the moneychangers making the Temple “a den of thieves” was only part of the story. He afterwards released the animals penned for slaughter on the eve of the Passover, knowing it would cost him his earthly life.

By all accounts, the Temple of Solomon was a magnificent edifice, but polluted by the sacrifices that were supposed to please God and absolve sin. To obtain absolution, money had to be changed into temple currency and the asking price paid for a sacrificial animal. The penitent was thus fleeced twice and the priests provided with free meat. After Jesus’ crucifixion, his brother James led the vegetarian Jewish-Christians in Jerusalem for 30 years. Kosher for them meant strict vegetarianism. Dining with flesh-eaters was forbidden. Meanwhile, Paul of Tarsus underwent his life-changing experience on the road to Damascus.

Far from seeking instruction from James and the other initiates, he appointed himself an apostle and concocted a brand of Christianity designed to appeal to meat-eating gentiles. Paul designated Jesus the Sacrificial Lamb. Converts could therefore bless and eat their meat as though it were a continuation of divine service. By teaching vegetarianism, Jesus was certainly not alone in the ancient world. It had long been influenced by vegetarian masters. In China there were Confucius and Lao-tzu while in India the vegetarian Buddhists and Jains joined the already vegetarian Hindus.

In Greece, Pythagoras was vegetarian along with Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Anaximander and Thales. This book is really a series of books in one well-referenced volume. It should definitely be on the shelf beside “The Psychic Stream.”

Elissa Rattigan in the Journal for Animal Rights in Spiritualism

Animal Souls: Chay Nephesh [Re-published as Proof Animals have Souls, in the Proof Animals have Souls Series] will prove to be a valuable asset in our work, withits painstakingly researched information. Through its content, we now know that not only Jesus’ teachings regarding animals were suppressed, but also those ofConfucius, Pythagoras and other ancient spiritual philosophes, who brought a message so unambiguous that it is infuriating to recall no mention made of it in lessons on the subject during our school years.

Much more than a book, it appears to have been brought, at this time, as part of the Divine Plan. Producing a captivating and thought-provoking work. Jackie Jones-hunt PhD also provides, through her heart rendering account of her beloved dog, Edward’s life and death, remarkable evidence to sceptics that our animals not only communicate with us from the Spirit World but do so with the same love, understanding and intelligence of their human families.
I would also like to make further comment on some important information contained in Jackie’s book, namely and I quote:
“Notably, Confucianism is acceptable to the Chinese government is perceived to uphold a principled society without providing the people with religious beliefs in a God and the continuation of life after death…” “Wisely demonstrating great foresight, the Chinese government encourages the students in the proliferating Confucian schools to be daily given an organic, vegetarian diet…” “Astutely, the government rules that the children carryout organic, arable farming activities in the afternoon, in order to learn about environmental conservation.”
What a step forward! We are so used to hearing the stories of animal abuse in China, despite the wonderful work of Animals Asia Foundation, that these words fill our ears with heralding music of hope for the future. Change is so much needed now that PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals] have filmed workers in Chinese Angora factories pulling hair out of rabbits by the roots. I have news just in that petitions to companies involved in buying this produce have recently met with success.

Greg Salido Quimpo
Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Foundation work to raise awareness and teach others to show compassion and respect to animals, we support Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt’s Proof Animals Have Souls series as she clearly shares our mission showing animals are emotional, intelligent, sentient beings who dream, and fear and feel pain and suffering. Her wide-ranging grasp of the way the animals naturally exists as beings with their own set of emotions and feelings is deeply profound. We need books like this to remind us that we should be as caring and kind to all animals as we are to every human we love.
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