Compromising, doing a UK MPhil/PhD on near death experiences, excluded from mentioning the ‘banned’ mediumship, Jackie finally transferred from her UK university when she was introduced to the acclaimed Professor Elizabeth Fenske. Fenske was the Dean of the Dept. of Consciousness Studies & Sacred Traditions, Jackie had found the needle in a haystack for which she had searched. Fenske had an excellent, long-standing reputation in the field of psychical research, had a number of esteemed presidential titles including that of former President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies Inc., IANDS (USA) and former editor of their publication Vital Signs. Jackie’s external examiners for her MPhil and PhD were the two authors, Professor Carl Lindgren (USA) and Dr. Crawford Knox of Oxford University, UK.

This unique cutting-edge department was based in a private university, licensed to grant degrees and postgraduate degrees by Wyoming Department of Education, USA during the years Jackie was enrolled. Dianne Corcoran obtained her PhD there and became the esteemed President of IANDS, the International Association for Near Death Studies Inc. David Lingiah amongst other highly reputable individuals obtained their PhD’s with Jackie at that time. Lingiah was then invited to join The American Board of Medical Psychotherapists. However, as with many unique, ground-breaking, pioneering endeavours this private university has since closed.

Jackie brought to both of her unique 100,000 word MPhil and PhD dissertations, her accumulated years of compiled research. Her MPhil explored three classes of spiritually transformative shamanic, out of body and near-death experiences.

Her 100,000 word PhD brought together Jackie’s amassed interviews and taped sessions with mediums. She produced detailed evidence how spiritually transformative mediumistic revelatory experiences throughout the centuries and the globe lie at the birth of humankind’s spiritual beliefs. Later, many of these pure and simple unadulterated truths were contaminated with manmade rituals, dogmas and other materialistic accretions. These distortions were then incorporated into manmade religions.

Jackie’s academic research has always been combined with decades of observational research of demonstrations of mediumship including at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, UK. Jackie continues to be fascinated by mediums’ differing abilities, each offering different levels and types of proof of survival after physical death, and how clairvoyant and clairaudient mediums can attune to the same third-party contact.

Jackie has decades of direct voice trance mediumistic communications as highly reputable, genuine mediums during altered states of consciousness act as vessels for fascinating talks from surviving spirit personalities. Jackie has recorded and evaluated hundreds of taped interviews and sittings with clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient mediums who, individually and cumulatively, provide evidence for the continued survival after physical death, of all animals, human and non-human.

Jackie was invited to observe the acclaimed medium, Gordon Higginson, the long serving former president of the Arthur Findlay college, perform countless demonstrations of mediumship and physical manifestations. Jackie looked upon Gordon as a spiritual father, sharing a decades-long friendship, united in their passionate quest for spiritual truth, however Gordon is no longer on the material level of existence.

Jackie’s books can be found on Amazon.
Moses and Jesus the Shamans
The Proof Animals have Souls Series:
The first being: Proof Animals have Souls
The second being: 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegetarian
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