I am devoted to the well-being of animals. For the past 30 years, amongst my family members are my devoted and highly intelligent Jack Russell and Parson Russell terriers, I usually have two at a time. Tragically as the years progressed Jac, Sioux and Edward have now passed to the non-physical heavenly realms of existence, each of whom in different ways have made their continued existence after physical death, repeatedly and clearly known to me. I have had many unforgettable experiences of my animals continued survival after physical death, after they have passed to the ethereal realms of pure consciousness or spirit. Consequently, many years ago I became a passionately dedicated, long term vegetarian, wanting no part in heart-breaking animal suffering.

I am fortunate enough to possess a great deal of intuitive and communicative empathy with all animals but especially dogs, those vulnerable, loving, child-like innocents. My family continues to consist of my young Jack Russell and Parson Russell terriers who continue to astound and teach me about their emotional feelings, intelligence, sensitivity, mischievousness and devotion to me, my husband and each other.

I have fostered dogs on many occasions, for charities and otherwise, attending to their medical, physical and emotional needs whilst finding secure permanent homes for them, enabling them to survive in this aggressively human dominated world. I was a vital link in the chain helping these abandoned and cruelly neglected orphans to live a happy, healthy, long and emotionally fulfilled life with the much needed love and protection the correct human adoptive family can provide. I have also raised funds and purchased hundreds of dog coats, blankets, beds, food and treats for dogs and cats and distributed these amongst many charities in both Scotland and England.

My love of animals has progressively increased from when I was a child, leading to the serialization of my research for Animal Souls. I realized a true religion had to teach compassion and not to harm animals to enable the human animal to learn these virtues and demonstrate this elevated spirituality to all animals, human and non-human. My years of research into world religions and spiritual philosophies proved my realization to be true. Many religious mistranslations have hidden, suppressed and subsequently lost the original undistorted religious teachings that commanded us not to harm animals as shown in my Animal Souls research.

For example: CHAY NEPHESH is the ancient Hebrew phrase which tells us that ‘ANIMALS ARE LIVING SOULS.’ However, it has been mistranslated in the bible, saying ‘animals are mere creatures.’ This same phrase was used to say the human animal is a living soul too, this was not mistranslated! The ancient Hebrew irrefutably tells us that all animals, human and non-human are living souls. Sadly, the human animal continues to disassociate itself from the rest of the entire earth family of animal kind.