Jackie Jones-Hunt's passion to unearth spiritual truth sources her unending archaeological, theological and psychical research into the unchartered territories of humankind's spiritual history. This passion to disseminate truth rather than confused and deliberate man-made distortions is reflected in her books and articles. Jackie was asked by a leading fellow psychical researcher to document some of her personal psychic and mediumistic experiences, resulting in the articles she has shared below.

Article One - The Legacy of Archaic Shamanism for Psychical Research

Article Two - Winged and Wingless Angels Every Day

Article Three - Out of Body and Sleep State Experiences

Article Four - Photographing the Spirit Bodies of Animals

Article Five - Healing the Sioux

Article Six - Reading from an Empty Book

Article Seven - Unmasked in the Next Dimension: Spirit People in Attendance

Article Eight - Choosing To Decline A Date with Death

Article Nine - Taking Psychical Research to Universities

Article Ten - Giggling Ghost Children in Paisley Attic?

Article Eleven - The Boy Who Lived Before

Article Twelve - Scots, Horses and Egypt

​Article Thirteen - Passing Away Through an Ancient Pyramid Wall