At the heart of my writings is my passionate quest to investigate the truth underlying humankind’s spiritual history and the means by which spiritually transformative mediumistic experiences gave birth to world religions and how these paranormal experiences continue to lay the foundations of religious beliefs throughout history to this day.

My mission has led me to explore many ancient, middle-eastern spiritual archaeological sites, the region known as the cradle of civilizations and the birth place of much spirituality. Some years ago I moved to Jordan for several years to facilitate my visits to archaeological sites in Jordan, Syria, Israel and Egypt. The archaeological unearthing of ancient sites has likewise driven my dedicated and zealous interest in the birth and historical development of religions including those of ancient Egypt, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. I have researched ancient documents, ruins and the sociological and politico-historical intrigues that led to the distortion of the authentic teachings that taught humankind to show compassion to animals and never to harm them, demonstrated by vegetarianism. They teach us that vegetarianism is the first essential step on the spiritual journey for all genuine truth seekers.

Readers of my books will find that my writings are the result of my life-time pursuit to discover hidden truth, often leading me into hidden and unchartered territories. I use a unique blend of research tools, including religio-historical, archaeological and psychical research, consequently I consider myself a religious investigator in the deepest sense. I feel my research has dug in and beyond the ancient ruins and scripts to the original paranormal angelic and spirit communicative sources. My analysis of on-going communications from these intelligences, continue to fascinate me to this day, as this range of sources have never ceased communicating.

My extensive writings show that these celestial communicators delivered spiritual teachings to gifted mediumistic and psychic sensitives from the most ancient of times throughout the millennia and across the globe. These most ancient, non-physical communicators appear to have tried to advance human spirituality through their messages, guidance and leadership, all of which was experienced, seen and heard by our most ancient mediumistic prophets, oracles, biblical judges and seers. However, these messages have always been subject to human deductions, interpreted at the limited level of human spirituality and understanding, further shaped by the historic epoch and culture in which the messages were received.