Jackie Jones-Hunt PhD is an author, long term vegetarian and former lecturer and student counsellor. She taught English, history and world religions. For many years Jackie has taught highly popular psychical research classes to adults at Warwick University, Strathclyde University, Paisley University and at a wide range of UK colleges.

Senior University was licensed to grant degrees and post graduate degress by Wyoming Dept. of education, USA during the years I was affiliated with Senior University.

She was initially a student at Lancaster University, UK, where she obtained her BA. hons. Degree in Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Religious Studies with eminent professors Ninian Smart, John Bowker and David Waines. She gained her Post-Graduate Diploma in Vocational Guidance at Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. At this time, over 30 years ago she commenced her theoretical research into psychical phenomena with the renowned psychical researcher Professor Archie E. Roy and the two remained friends until his death in 2012.

Whilst continuing to pursue her own theoretical, observational and experiential post-graduate research in the realm of psychical research Jackie edited lecturers’ manuscripts for books and edited MPhil and PhD dissertations for foreign students. Her own unique MPhil dissertation focused on the three classes of spiritually transformative shamanic, out of body and near death experiences, while her PhD dissertation focused on the area of mediumship throughout the centuries and the globe. This fascinating research was in the area of consciousness studies and sacred traditions. This academic study was combined with more than 20 years of experiential research carried out at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, Essex, where she observed a wide range of mediums with differing abilities, offering different levels of proof of survival after physical death.

Striving to bring an academic eye to this world – rather than the various parapsychologists who assign mediumistic and psychic experiences to mere hallucinations and other convoluted materialistic explanations – Jackie delved into religions and psychical research to seek out the truth beyond. At this juncture she had collated over 20 years’ worth of direct voice trance mediumistic communications, (entranced lectures), delivered through reputable and genuine mediums. She has recorded and evaluated hundreds of taped interviews and sittings with clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient mediums who, each provided a range of evidence for the continued survival after physical death. She even observed physical manifestations performed by the internationally renowned medium Gordon Higginson, with the pair developing a deep spiritual friendship due to their shared quest for spiritual truth.

Jackie's books include the paradigm shattering research contained in Moses and Jesus the Shamans and her equally life-changing research with its serialized revelations contained in her Animal Souls series. Proof Animals Have Souls is followed by 500+ Celebrities: Go Vegiterian. These are the result of Jackie’s lifelong, painstaking research as an historian of humankind’s spiritual history, a comparatist of religion and as a dedicated theoretical and experiential psychical researcher with a keen interest in archaeolgical sites with religious significance. She has lived and travelled extensively in the middle-east, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece and Italy.